Cold Creek Farm is located near Windsor, South Carolina. We have approximately 25 acres currently used for production, with room to expand in the future. Our collection of plants includes old Aiken favorites as well as new introductions. We update our growing list annually, so that we may provide our customers with a wide selection of plants that thrive in our area.

Along with assisting Wholesale customers in selecting the appropriate plants for their needs, the Farm also provides ornamental shrubs, trees, and perennials for our Cold Creek Garden Center and for use on Cold Creek Landscape and Cold Creek Maintenance jobs.

Shipping Policies
Having our own trucks for local shipments allows us to deliver orders in a timely manner. We typically contract ship loads to destinations over 500 miles away from us. Sending quality plants to our customers has always been our top priority. Our plants are loaded and shipped with great care to ensure they arrive in top condition.

  • We ship throughout the East coast
  • No minimum order requirement
  • Orders can be combined to reduce freight costs