​Committed to excellent service

Our Landscape Maintenance division is dedicated to managing every aspect of your landscape. From commercial to residential, we believe in providing our customers with exceptional service using the highest quality products available. We help our employees get the experience they need through education and training and giving them the tools necessary to service any job. Customer service will always be our number one priority.


Routine lawn care

​During routine visits we perform the following services: mow lawn areas, string trim areas mowers will not reach, edge hard and soft edges, prune shrubbery (generally 3-5 times a year), apply post-emergent weed control in ornamental beds, remove debris including leaves, sticks, pine cones and trash, clean roadsides, walks, patios and driveways. Most services are performed at each visit and some are performed as needed. If you have a special request for a task to be done more routinely, we are glad to consider it. If we can complete the task in a reasonable time, we will be glad to accommodate you.

Annual Color Planting

​Our color personnel create and install annual plant material for a center of focus, curb appeal, and as a treat to the senses. We have two distinct seasons of color, the summer and the winter. Summer annuals are installed in April and May and carry through Summer. Winter annuals are installed in October and November and last until May. Our professionals will meet with you to discuss bed shape, size, placement and plant selections. Once plant specifics are agreed upon, we will provide pricing for your approval. For a small monthly maintenance fee, we also provide annual bed maintenance which includes dead heading, weed control and fertilization.

The Estimating Process

Routine Full Service Maintenance and Lawn and Shrub Care
We will contact you to confirm the type of service and location of the property. We will visit the site to record measurements, plant counts, plant types and assess man hours needed for completion. We will contact you with with the estimate and answer any questions you may have.

Landscape Enhancement Services, Acreage Mowing and Annual Color Services
We will contact you to confirm the service you require and location of the property. Due to the nature of enhancement services, acreage mowing and annual color services, we would prefer to meet you on site to obtain a thorough understanding of the parameters of the work requested and discuss plant material type and color, if required. We will then contact you with an estimate for the work requested.

How Billing Works

We have two billing dates each month, the first (1st) and the fifteenth (15th). On the 1st of each month all monthly installment invoices are mailed to customers. These are installments based on a consistent monthly fee charged throughout the year. On the 15th of each month, customers that are set up with a per-visit pricing will be billed for the number of services provided during the previous 30 days. Landscape enhancement services will be billed as completed.

Acreage Mowing Service

​We are glad to offer acreage mowing to property owners or property managers who have large acreage cutting needs. We have two crews that are equipped specifically for this purpose. We currently provide this service to industrial sites, horse farms and individuals.