Installation Questions

If you're thinking of landscaping your lawn, start here first!
* Are there aspects of the existing landscape (including views) that you particularly like, or dislike?
* Do you have any views you would like to enhance from inside your home?
* Are you satisfied with your outdoor entertaining space?
* Are you comfortable with the amount of privacy you have?
* Do you want space for seasonal color?
* What are some landscape colors you especially like or don't like?
* Are there any special landscape features you know you want or don't want? (For example: fountain or garden pond, patio, fire pit, grill or sculpture?)
* Do you need more parking space?
* Would you like to screen areas for wind, noise or unwanted views?
* Do you want special areas for children, recreation, entertaining, storage, pets or gardening?
* Will you have to consider zoning or deed restrictions, easements, building codes, or utility lines?
* Do you live in a neighborhood that has guidelines set by an architectural review board?
* Is your outdoor lighting adequate?
* What are your favorite plants or type of plants? Your least favorite?
* What is your landscaping budget, both immediate and long-term?

In order to produce a landscape plan to scale, we will need a plat of your property depicting the house and walks/drive on your lot.